Quality Enhancement Plan


Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a key component of the reaffirmation of accreditation process required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).  In conjunction with the 2015 reaffirmation process, Collin College's QEP theme is

"There's a Map For That!"

The QEP focuses on helping students take charge of their own educational journey with guidance from faculty coaches, advising professionals, and integrated software.

The QEP has successfully integrated within the college! The status of each QEP initiative is as follows:

  • Advising Space Redesign - This initiative, coordinated by Academic Leadership and Student and Enrollment Services, included a redesign of both the physical advising space and advising roles. Over the life of the QEP, many new advising positions were added, including the College and Career Counselors, to best support all populations of students enrolled at the college.
  • CougarCompass - CougarCompass continues to grow rapidly in usage! During the month prior to school beginning this fall, degree audit usage reached its highest yet with a total of 18,758 total audits (11,941 student-run). CougarCompass is coordinated by the office of Student Information Systems and Reporting.
  • Academic Planning Coach Program (APCP) - The APCP has been successfully integrated within the college! This program is operating under the leadership of Dr. Bill Horstman, Associate Dean of Student Enrollment Services and Faculty Coach Liaisons Gwen Miller, Shannon Kearns, and Dr. Sukanya Subramanian.
  • Clear Pathways - The new step-by-step process in the Collin College homepage provides a user-friendly way to navigate through the enrollment process! Related departments continue to manage their own webpages with respect to the new format.
  • Academic Planning Syllabus (APS) - This helpful academic planning tool provides a clear outline of action items and college resources to support students as they navigate through their academic experience here at Collin College. The APS is now managed by Student and Enrollment Services.
  • Professional Development – Annual training for academic planning coaches is now led by the Faculty Coach Liaisons. Professional development and training focused on evidence-based practices in advising to support students’ academic readiness and enhance the quality of student learning, programs, and services is now being led by the Appreciative Education Committee Chaired by Dr. Meenakshi Beri with administrative support of Dean Mary Barnes-Tilley and Associate Dean Traci Ramsey.

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Lacy Castleman, M.Ed.
QEP Coordinator

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