Field of Study Programs

A Field of Study (FOS) is a set of courses that, together with the core coursework, fulfill lower-division (freshman and sophomore) requirements for a specific major/degree plan. FOSs are guaranteed to transfer to any public college or university in Texas.

Once you have successfully completed the set of courses that makes up the FOS, those courses are guaranteed to apply to the appropriate bachelor's-level degree plans corresponding to the field of study. Receiving colleges and universities are not allowed to require incoming transfer students to repeat courses with the same content as FOS courses to satisfy requirements for the academic major.

Did you know that you can also earn an AA degree or AS degree at Collin College, in addition to the Field of Study certificate? Contact an academic advisor today to learn more about how to develop an educational plan that is right for you.

These are the FOS programs currently available at Collin College. 


Criminal Justice

Political Science




Effective January 25, 2024, the programs below are no longer eligible to be declared as an intended program/major due to the expiration, by law, of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (THECB) approval of the curriculum. Students that have already declared these intended programs/majors prior to January 25, 2024 MUST complete the programs/awards no later than August 31, 2025.  The courses in these programs will continue to be offered by Collin College, but Collin College will no longer be able to award the degrees or certificates in the programs below after August 31, 2025.  Please see a Collin College advisor if you have questions.


Computer Science


Certificate – Drama Field of Study: Design/Technical Track
Certificate – Drama Field of Study: General Track 
Certificate – Drama Field of Study: Performance Track



Fine Arts:

Certificate – Fine Arts Field of Study: General Studies Track
Certificate – Fine Arts Field of Study: Studio Track


AA – Music Field of Study
Certificate – Music Field of Study