Metal Arts

Metal Arts is a craft that is highly valued in both the industrial and the artistic worlds. Metal Arts Welders who graduate from Collin College’s program will be prepared to earn a job or go into business for themselves, providing a service that is always in high demand.

Collin College offers an associate of applied science in Metal Arts, an OSA in metalsmithing, two level 1 certificates, and one level 2 certificate. The AAS will allow you to earn a degree in Metal Arts, while the certificates are designed to qualify you in specific processes such as Metalsmithing, Foundry, Metal Sculpture, and Metal Arts.

If your program requires a criminal background check, your placement in a required clinical site, cooperative, practicum, internship, and/or licensure/certification opportunity may be impacted. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your program director and check with your licensing/certifying entity, if any, to determine your status.

The Metal Arts program will be housed at the Allen Technical Center. The department has a foundry and TIG, MIG and stick welders.

Students planning to transfer to a college or university should check with the Collin academic advisors. Also check the degree requirement of the intended transfer college prior to beginning this program to verify course degree applicability.

Program Options

AAS - Metal Arts

OSA - Metalsmithing & Casting

Certificate Level 1 - Metal Casting

Certificate Level 1 - Metal Sculpture

Certificate Level 2 - Metal Arts