Marketable Skills



• Assess individual patient/resident/client, family, care team, community, and population health needs.
• Promote equity in healthcare delivery.
• Provide person-centered meaningful engagement.
• Conduct culturally sensitive evaluations of patients.
• Apply emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical wellness components to respond to social determinants of health.
• Plan, design, and implement activity care professional programming.
• Demonstrate ethical and legal responsibility for the profession, upholding resident/client rights.
• Apply HIPAA, HITECH, and CMS rules and regulations to provide secure patient/resident/client needs within scope of the activity care profession.
• Integrate concepts of psychological wellbeing and social connectiveness theories to meet the needs of patient/resident/client.
• Demonstrate proficiency in verbal and written communication to include professional acumen.
• Collaborate and coordinate with care team, individuals, family, and individual volunteers from diverse community-based organizations.
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