Marketable Skills



• Operate diagnostic and therapeutic instruments and equipment.
• Enter and maintain electronic records utilizing various dental office management software.
• Chart normal and abnormal oral conditions for diagnosis.
• Provide clinical services and health education to improve and maintain the oral health of patients.
• Repeat motions of bending/twisting when working with patients as well as demonstrate fine and gross motor skills to grasp, handle, and control instruments.*
• Manage time appropriately and work efficiently. 
• Apply problem-solving skills to assess effective patient care and care planning. 
• Engage in conversations that resolve conflict with patients and co-workers. 
• Engage in effective and collaborative communication with patients, co-workers, employer, patients by phone, written form/email and in person. 
• Engage effectively and respectfully with professionals from other healthcare professions and with the people from many communities and cultures. 
• Work ethically, responsibly, conscientiously, with no or little supervision.
*Employers usually ask the applicant (graduate) to do a working interview. This is where these types of skills will be reflected/noticed.  
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