Marketable Skills



• Plan strategies for attracting and hiring productive employees that effectively align with the organizational strategy.
• Assist in developing and administering employee programs that support health and wellness.
• Evaluate industry changes to accurately make decisions impacting the company and employees.
• Communicate effectively (verbally and in writing) with peers, managers, and clients, prioritizing active listening to achieve strategic goals.
• Interpret and apply employment laws to workplace situations such as hiring, terminations, and accommodations.
• Implement planning strategies for learning and development programs to increase employee engagement in the workplace.
• Coordinate internal career fairs to assess employee skills to achieve career goals.
• Conduct initial interviews using a confidential process to assist in resolving employee concerns.
• Perform a job analysis of company positions using market-competitive data to create a total compensation package for prospective employees.
• Analyze employment data to track HR metrics in recruiting, retention, and employee turnover.
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