Marketable Skills



• Effectively use computer skills to access health and fitness information and assessment tools relative to professional health standards.
• Analyze the validity and synthesize the data to foster physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being in others.
• Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships through written, oral, visual and e-mail delivery modes; exhibit professionalism, tact and integrity.
• Motivate members of a group or team to work effectively together to accomplish tasks by considering different points of views, building mutual trust, respect and cooperation.
• Inspire others to pursue health, wellness and physical performance goals through knowledge of the effect of behavior choices on functional capacity and disease risk across the life span.
• Design, implement and evaluate individualized exercise prescriptions and goals for various populations to include disease prevention, improvements in health and exercise performance.
• Articulate health interventions and social policies in a clear and concise manner to diverse populations utilizing ethnic and cultural sensitivity to promote positive community change.

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