Marketable Skills



• Implement sleep study and treatment orders from a licensed sleep physician, including polysomnograms, titrations (positive airway pressure and oral appliances), cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques, out-of-center testing, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests, and double studies (EEG + PSG).
• Observe and respond to physical signs and symptoms, general behavior, and general physical response during polysomnographic evaluation.
• Analyze and critically score sleep study data that may be utilized by a licensed sleep medicine physician in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
• Track and manage diagnosed patients to monitor patient outcomes and therapy compliance.
• Educate patients and their caregivers in an age and learning level-appropriate manner about the patient’s sleep disorder and course of treatment.
• Educate and collaborate with nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals to facilitate sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment for patients.
• Communicate effectively and professionally with peers, managers, patients, physicians, and other stakeholders. 
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