Marketable Skills



• Calculate, prepare, dispense, and administer medication to patients as well as identify normal and abnormal responses to medication. 
• Safely obtain subjective and objective data that will allow accurate evaluation of the patient. 
• Identify and explain appropriate and inappropriate dietary components for various life stages and therapeutic regimens (e.g. therapeutic foods).
• Work with veterinarian to assess patients and determine appropriate anesthetic and pain management protocols, monitor patient status, vital signs and physical parameters.  
• Identify a patient’s dental health status and perform techniques, as prescribed by a veterinarian, appropriate to the species and its condition.
• Prepare patients correctly for surgical procedures, utilize appropriate aseptic techniques, and administer appropriate peri-operative care to the patients.
• Prepare, handle, and submit appropriate samples for diagnostic analysis.
• Participate in team-based approach to veterinary medicine.
• Apply appropriate communication skills and utilize proper medical terminology needed to communicate with other team members; relay important information to clients. 
• Describe the basic principles of animal research and understand the utilization of laboratory animals in animal research; have a working knowledge of federal, state, and local animal welfare regulations. 
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