Criminal Activity

  • Call Campus Police at 972.578.5555; give your name, location of the incident and type of activity.
  • Give a phone number where you may be contacted for further information.
  • Dial 911 if instructed by Campus Police.
  • Do not attempt to interfere with the activity, except in the case of self-defense or self-preservation.



  • If you receive a threatening phone call you should:
  • Remain calm and obtain as much information as possible from the caller.
  • Ask the caller questions such as location of the threat, type of threat and time for the incident.
  • Call Campus Police at 972.578.5555 give your name, location, type of threat and phone number where you may be contacted.
  • Officials will contact you for further information.


Collin College Police Emergency Response

The department is a key element in area emergency management. Due to the College District's high profile in the community, the department maintains close ties to the Collin County Department of Homeland Security as well as each municipal agency in the county. Officers with the Collin College Police Department are trained to be first level responders and coordinate these efforts with other local agencies. The department also takes a proactive approach to help prevent crimes. Efforts such as enhanced patrols and strict enforcement of parking restrictions aid in ensuring a safe environment.


Contact Collin College Police

For any non-emergency complaint or concern, you can contact Collin College Police Department via email  or call us at 972.578.5555.


Active Assailant Training

The department has skilled and trained instructors to provide Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training upon request.  CRASE was designed and built on the Avoid, Deny Defend (ADD) strategy to provide strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. Topics include the history and prevalence of active shooter events, civilian response options, medical issues, and considerations for conducting drills.

Contact Collin College Police Department Training Section via email or call us at 972.578.5555 to request the training.


Contact Information for Surrounding Agencies

  • Collin County Sheriff's Office 972.547.5100
  • Frisco Police Department 972.335.5502
  • Plano Police Department 972.424.5678
  • McKinney Police Department 972.547.7600
  • Allen Police Department 972.727.0200




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