Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances


Has your family's situation changed since you filed the FAFSA?


The last couple of years has surely been some of the strangest and most challenging that some of us have ever, or may ever see.

Many students and their families have experienced life altering events that have changed the structure of the family and certainly in many instances, the finances of the family.


You may be aware that the FAFSA asks for tax or income information from two years prior to the current one. But with everything that has happened since then, we know that for many students this information is no longer accurate.


What you may not realize is that schools have the ability to review a student's situation (with appropriate documentation) and determine if the information from two years ago no longer reflects the student's ability to pay for college.  In certain circumstances, we may be able to utilize more current information, which may change the specific types or amounts of financial aid that the student is eligible for.


Let's look at a few examples.


Were you or your family impacted by one of the following?

  • Job/income loss
  • Divorce or separation
  • A serious illness or disability
  • Excessive medical bills paid out-of-pocket


Realize that this list represents some of the more common events we see. However, your specific situation may be different than those listed above.


If you feel that your current situation, especially with regards to your finances, has changed or is different than the tax year the FAFSA asks for, please come talk to us.  The Collin College Financial Aid Department may be able to reevaluate your financial aid. While everyone's situation is different, your eligibility for certain types of aid, or the amounts you are eligible for may change.  But you won't know for sure unless you contact us.


Here is the link to our Request for Special Circumstances Form.  


Reviewing the form may help you assess whether you have a situation that would warrant a Special Circumstance, and also let you know the documentation you will need to submit in order for the financial aid office to review your case.


How can I find out more information?


You can visit any one of the Financial Aid Offices at the following campuses:

  • Plano Campus
  • Wylie Campus
  • Technical Campus (Allen)
  • Frisco Campus
  • McKinney Campus
  • Farmersville Campus


You can also send us an email at Financialaid@collin.edu 

Or you can call us right now! 972-881-5760


What if I have a special situation that does not involve finances?


For information about other types of special circumstances you may be experiencing, click here.