Collin College Prevails in Phillips v. Collin College

November 13, 2023

Cougar News

Collin College Prevails in Phillips v. Collin College

Collin College prevailed in the complaint for civil rights violations case Phillips v. Collin College. Despite repeated attacks by the plaintiff, his supporters, and various advocacy groups with their own agendas, this case resulted in a legal victory, including affirmation that the college’s policies are not unconstitutionally vague as alleged.

Collin College has been repeatedly recognized as being among the best employers in higher education in the nation and is one of the top-performing community colleges in the state of Texas.  The college not only employs excellent teaching faculty in a variety of academic disciplines and programs, but excellent faculty who also strongly support the vision and mission of the college.

In March 2022 former faculty member Dr. Michael Phillips filed suit against Collin College and several administrators following the nonrenewal of his teaching contract.  From the beginning the college vehemently disagreed with Dr. Phillips' mischaracterization of this personnel matter.  Collin College faculty members sign term contracts that–by operation of law–end in May of their respective terms.  Dr. Phillips signed a term contract which ended in May 2022.  Under that contract, there is no right or reasonable expectation of continued employment beyond the term of the contract.  As an employer, the college has every right to determine who it employs, particularly based on the recommendations of supervisors.  

Collin College respects the judicial process and is extremely pleased that the jury in this case agreed with the position of Collin College and other defendants. It remains focused on its exceptional contributions to Collin County and the continued success of its students. Collin College looks forward to resolving this matter with finality and achieving closure on the disruption it was intended to create.