Architecture and Construction Programs

Build Your Future with a Career in Architecture & Construction!


Construction management studentCollin College’s Architecture and Construction Programs prepare students for jobs in “The Built Environment” – the man-made structures, features and facilities that make up the environment in which we live and work. Graduates will participate in the design, management and the construction of buildings, roads, parks, pipelines, schools, hospitals and energy facilities across North Texas and the nation.


We offer degrees and certificates in the following program areas:


Bachelor of Applied Science Construction Management  -  Advance your construction management career by building marketable skills in business management principles, building structural behavior, project safety, and risk management.

Construction Management  (AAS and Certificates) -  Learn key skills to manage construction projects including scheduling, budgeting, personnel management, quality assurance, and safety.

Computer-Aided Drafting & Design – Use CAD software to create digital models, technical drawings, and three-dimensional renders for architecture and engineering firms.

Interior Design – Learn how to meet client needs and use the design space effectively through sourcing of materials and the application of basic architecture and design principles.

Electrical – Hands-on learning the basics of commercial, residential and industrial wiring.

Plumbing – Learn the basics of residential and commercial plumbing maintenance and repair; piping and pipefitting equipment; and plumbing codes.

Construction Safety – In-depth construction safety courses designed to prepare students for a job in Safety Management.  Key topics include site safety, hazard control, accident prevention and risk management.



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Craig A. Johnson - Director, Architecture & Construction Programs


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